Crunches and sit-ups are great, but what if I told you an exercise you could do to flatten your tummy from your driver’s seat or office chair?

One of the best exercises for your lower tummy is simply keeping your abdomen tight through out the day.

Try it! Put one hand over your lower abdomen placing your thumb at your belly button. While exhaling, contract your stomach muscles until you feel your tummy move inward. Hold tightly for as long as you can. The more you do this exercise the easier it will be. The more often you do these exercises, the tighter your tummy will stay.

Why is a flat tummy such an issue?

Many people are just plain lazy and forget to hold their stomach in. Other people choose loose clothing so they don’t even have to try.

Over time, poor posture allows the lower digestive system to push out on those relaxed muscles causing them to stretch outward. Sit-ups, crunches and tummy-tightening exercises tighten loose muscles to help support organs and splint the spine. In effect, a person who has tighter stomach muscles will probably not only look better but have fewer chances of posture-related back problems and injuries too.

A lot of gym goers who fight the pooch with great exercises can still sabotage their abdominal workouts by not holding in their stomach during or after their workouts. They tighten the abdominal area with exercise but then allow their relaxed posture to stretch the muscles right back out.
Some people may find it difficult to tighten their abdominal muscles due to trauma from surgery or pregnancy. The good news is muscles can be retrained over time and with practice.
Someone who falls into this category just has to continue practicing abdominal exercises until the muscles learn how to respond.

Of course keeping your tummy tight probably won’t give you a six-pack. I believe that high intense cardio training is the best thing for that, but it sure is a great first step. The trick is to remember to work on it and to know that with a little work it will improve.

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